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Makkah Cold Store


The Challenge


Makkah Cold Store “M.C.S” specialized in distributing food products in Saudi Arabia specifically in Makkah, Jeddah and Riyadh. They are known in the market with different demanded food products by consumers, but competitors really improved themselves and M.C.S realized that they need to change a lot and to have at the least a new brand and a new vision and mission to overcome their obstacles and lead the market.

The Result


We have created a new brand for M.C.S that is modern and relevance keeping one of the old logo’s color and maintaining the overall shape of the old logo.

M.C.S Brands

Themar is a brand that consists of a variety of frozen fruit and vegetable. The brand logo was inspired by nature with its green leaves and plants.

Themar Albahar is a product that offers imported frozen seafood from all around the world. The brand logo was inspired by waves, sea, and fish.

Gazelle is a food product that offers foodservice products such as cheese, olive, pickles, and other similar products. The brand logo was straightforward and simple merging between the typography part and a Gazzele icon.

White Cow is a brand that offers white cheese straight from Denmark and Hungary. The brand logo idea is very simple as we merged the typography part with a cow icon.

Qassab is a brand that offers ground beef products. The brand logo was inspired by the butcher knife and a round shape to make it easy to remember by its audience.